Maintenance Notice 2020/4/28

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26 Apr 2020, 13:31

Chu Chu~

In order to bring a better gaming experience, Tales of Wind will hold a server maintenance which lasts for 4 hours, starting from 01:00 April 28,2020 GMT-5. Servers will be closed, please log out before it takes place in order to avoid any possible losses.

For more details please kindly check below.

01:00-05:00 April 28,2020 GMT-5
07:00-11:00 April 28,2020 GMT+1
14:00-18:00 April 28,2020 GMT+8

Update contents:
1. The anniversary celebration of Tales of Wind is launched. Thanks for the company, let us stay together ~

1. Anniversary exchange
Players can participate in various activities in the game to get the anniversary lucky ticket, which can be used to redeem the new gold glove card in the anniversary exclusive store: Little Storm Raccoon and Weapon Card: Artemis, and the corresponding card Souls, and anniversary Festive headdresses and outfits are waiting for you.

2. Balloon Dress Up
Activity time: April 28th-May 4th, 2020
Activity rules: Complete the [Collect Balloons] mission to get balloons, and each person can get up to 8 balloons per day. After getting the balloons, you can go to Laplace City to fly the balloons (no limit). Fly the balloons to get various gifts!

3. The Laplace City
Activity time: April 28th-May 4th, 2020
Activity rules: Players can help to dress up the city by flying balloons. When the city dresses up to the specified progress, you can get the "anniversary box" of the corresponding progress. After opening, you will definitely get silver stars, and you will also have the opportunity to get random Farm materials and treasure map remnants and so on.

4. Collect ingredients
Activity time: April 28th-May 4th, 2020
Activity rules: Participating in activities such as Guild Raccoon and Bug Hunt will obtain various ingredients. After submission, you will get a thank-you gift box, which can only be submitted five times a day. By opening the thank-you gift box, you will definitely get anniversary lucky ticket * 10, and you will have a chance to get the anniversary celebration emoticon "Celebrate" (tradable).

2. Warmount-Mech gameplay is open to help you ride through the battlefield, unprecedented!

When character level reaches 90, [Warmount-Mech] system will be activated.
Mechs can be equipped with the original Dragon Warmount at the same time and play in turn. After the first Warmount dies, you can manually click to switch to the next one. The battle order can be set on the [Skill-Configuration] page.
After riding the mech, you can operate the mech to fight and use the mech active skills. When the character is injured, priority is given to mech life.
Players can upgrade various attributes of the mech through different methods such as upgrade, attack, and research. Come and create your own mech!

3. The new PVP gameplay starts: Eternity Battleground

Opening conditions:
Character level ≥90 can participate in the Eternity Battleground, and the original gameplay of Treasure Hunt will be replaced.

1. Matches start on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 12: 30-14: 00 and 21: 00-23: 00, You can take part in it individually or form a team that does not include Mercenaries to join;

2. The battlefield is divided into red and blue camps. When the number of both camps meets 10, the battlefield can be opened. There are at most 15 players in each camp, and the players who are in the same team will be assigned to the same camp;

3. Players can obtain Merit and camp points by occupying enemy strongholds and killing enemy players. The first player to reach 1200 or higher score at the time of the event settlement will win, and the winning camp players will gain double Merit in the battlefield. Reaches a certain Merit to receive corresponding reward treasure chest.
Note: At 5:00 on the 1st of every month, 80% of the total Merit will be deducted. After deduction, the player's rank may change. For more detailed rules of the feature, please see the "Eternity Battleground" event page in the game.

4. The new PVE gameplay opens: Eternity Battleground - Abyss

Opening conditions:
Players with a character level ≥90 can participate in the Eternity Battleground - Abyss, the original gameplay of Treasure Hunt will be replaced.

1. Opens every day on Thursday and Saturday; players need to form a team with more than three characters without Mercenaries to enter.

2. Players need to protect the eternal stone from being destroyed by monsters. There are 12 waves of monsters each time. Each successful wave grants corresponding reward. When the eternal stone is broken or successfully passed all the waves, the dungeon will be settled.

3. Character that has reached the designated rank can purchase Abyss potion at the Eternity Shop. Using Abyss potions can increase damage in the Abyss dungeon. Abyss potion effect will cover the effects of cooking and other potions.

Compensation will be delivered after maintenance.

The Tales of Wind Team
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