3/17 Update Announcement

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11 Apr 2020, 03:27

Chu Chu ~

In order to bring a better gaming experience, Tales of Wind will hold a server maintenance which lasts for 3 hours, starting from 01:00 March 17,2020 GMT-5. Servers will be closed, please log out before it takes place in order to avoid any possible losses.

For more details please kindly check below.

01:00-04:00 March 17,2020 GMT-5
07:00-10:00 March 17,2020 GMT+1
14:00-17:00 March 17,2020 GMT+8

Update contents:
1. Accessories enhance level
The enhance level cap for accessories increased from +12 to +15. Sun Sand Stone can be used to enhance after accessories reaches +12. Sun Sand Stone can be purchased from Market – Spiral shop or be fused with four Moon Sand stones.
2. Main Quest
Brand new main quests added, complete to explore more of the world!
3. Warmount equipment
Rank III Warmount equipment released, 90 or higher-level players are able to obtain Rank III Warmount equipment to further strengthen your character!
4. Emblem related optimizations
a. Add a function to lock/unlock Emblems, the locked ones can’t be upgraded or extracted
b. Add a function to extract Emblems. With Rank X Emblem equipped, players can extract extra Emblems into Moonlight Stones.
c. Add “Upgrade all” function. With this function players can upgrade all emblems that are Rank V or lower at once if there are enough materials ( 3 lower rank Emblems into 1 higher rank one)
5. Ruins Duel optimizations
Rewards for Ruins Duel Season and Ranks have both been adjusted, for more details please check in-game.
6. New exchangeable items added to Treasure Cabinet.

Compensation will be delivered after maintenance.

The Tales of Wind Team
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